I had about a month or so to prepare for my first show. I made sure to practice all my verses every single day but I never really sat down and thought about how weird it would be to rap on stage in front of a group of people I’ve never met before. When Pcmkr and I arrived at the venue (The Central) I was immediately nervous. There was a decent amount of people outside drinking and smoking (around 20) and there were even more inside (maybe 35). I felt really intimidated by the crowd even though it was quite small. Another thing that made me feel nervous was that it was mostly a metal show and we were the only rap act for the night. All of those factors combined with the fact that I’m still not quite sure how to perform on stage caused me to start thinking about different ways to get out of this situation. I finally stopped the cycle of negative thoughts and just told myself that everything would be okay. We finally got on stage around 1a.m. Pcmkr opened the show with two of his own songs that I didn’t know very well so I couldn’t really be a reliable hype man.

On the third song, Pcmkr was supposed to do the first verse and I was supposed to do the second verse. I was introduced to the song 6 hours before and only practised twice which was really fucking stupid on my part. On stage, Pcmkr did his verse really well which gave me a bit of confidence. On his last sentence I was supposed to immediately start my verse; This was where shit got real…

Suddenly I couldn’t remember my verse. I stood there looking like an idiot for about 6 seconds which felt like 6 mins. I couldn’t remember the first word at all. It felt like everyone was looking at me and praying for me to fuck up, but in reality it was just my imagination. All at once all of those negative thoughts vanished and I was left with my lyrics. After the first couple lines or so I finally found my rhythm and started to feel comfortable as fuck. Even though the crowd wasn’t really enthusiastic about our performance, I still saw a lot of people really feeling the music which pushed me harder. After my first song was finished, an older drunk woman approached me with her arms waving violently in the air. I thought she was getting ready to complain about my liberal use of the N word but she looked at me and said “You are beautiful! You are so good! Are those your lyrics? Who are you?” I replied “I’m no one and yeah, I do write my own songs” she had this really excited look on her face and said “Wow that’s amazing. My son really likes your music so much!” I thanked her and told her that I had to go into the next song. For the whole show she was just looking deep into my eyes, dancing like the people in those black and white videos danced at The Beatles concerts. It was really fucking weird. How the hell does her son like my music? Does she think I’m Drake, or some other incredibly successful black Canadian talent? She has to think that because I don’t really show anyone my music.

(In this picture you can see my first and only fan. A middle aged drunk Korean woman. Everyone has to start somewhere I guess…) 

In short this whole experience felt like the reverse 8 mile where the lead character is a black inexperienced rapper from the suburbs who had a successful first performance. By the time I was on my third song I noticed a few people in the audience listening closely to every word and reacting to every punchline which was really amazing to see.

It was an incredible experience, and I would love to do it again. Maybe I might actually do it again. Maybe sometime in early May…

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=olZ4Ij1n-HY#!

My Music: http://soundcloud.com/richeylynch

Pcmkr’s Music http://soundcloud.com/pcmk3


A Cypher I did with some other talented rappers from Toronto. I’m the second dude. 


Just a demo of a song that’s going to be on my first mixtape “Strange News” coming out in June. 

Link: http://tinyurl.com/7n9tjo3

Source: SoundCloud / Richey Lynch

So you want to listen to pavement eh? If the answer is yes then you probably have good taste in music! If you want to get into lo-fi indie rock then Pavement is the perfect place to start. You can’t call yourself a hipster if you haven’t heard Slanted and Enchanted or Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. Not that you would want to be known as a hipster, even hipsters hate hipsters, but at the same time I’ve realized that no one has ever really referred to themselves as a hipster. Are there really hipsters, or is it fair to say that the people we refer to as “Hipsters” are really just elitist ass holes with impressive music collections?

       Whatever you call yourself it’s very hard to deny the talent and charm Stephen Malkmus brings to the alternative rock scene. I saw him live last year in Toronto playing with The Jicks (His new band) I was one of the youngest fans in the audience, (and the blackest) but I really didn’t feel uncomfortable because I love Pavement and I love Stephen Malkmus’s new project with the Jicks.

Here is a short list of songs that are sure to get you to love pavement just as much as I do:

Gold Soundz: Malkmus has a way of making songs that transport you to a better time. You become nostalgic about things you can’t really describe. This is probably their most accessible song ever. For me it was instantly likeable.

Favourite Line: “So drunk in the august sun and you’re the kind of girl I like. Because your empty, and I’m empty and you can never quarantine the past.”

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj6QilYg5VA 

Spit On A Stranger: This is the first song on Pavements album Terror Twilight. The first time I heard this songs I couldn’t get past how incredible it was after my first listen. It took me awhile to get to the other songs on the album; It’s really that good you can trust me.

Favourite Line: ”Honey I’m a prize and your a catch and were a perfect match.”

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPWzf2wKbvg&feature=artist

Black Out: This song was like my soundtrack every morning on the way to work. Beautiful song, it reminds me of better times. 

Favourite Line: ”where does it go? how do i get there? what will i find?”

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDFkea2P8d4

Grounded: The chorus of this fucking song is incredible, and will def be stuck in your head for a long time. It’s one of those songs that never get old.

Favourite Line: ”We spoke of latent causes, sterile gauze’s, and the bedside morale”

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBcyuUy-l84

Loretta’s Scars:  This track is from the album Slanted and Enchanted which is one of the very few albums to get a perfect 10 on Pitchfork. This is also one of my favourite songs of all time from any genre, and it’s the reason why I became a Pavement fan.

Favourite Line: How can I make my body shed around your mental scars?”

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSc7OYyQlsw

Bonus Tracks:

Zurich is Stained

She Believes


Rattled by the Rush

Easily Fooled

I Love Perth

Elevate Me Later

Shady Lane/J vs. S


By: Richard Mckoy

If you want to use this horribly written article for some strange reason then make sure you credit me; It took me like 30 mins to write this shit. 

Follow me: http://www.last.fm/user/Richeymck


I am now taking applications for an Indian girlfriend who will cook for me 32 hours a day with little to no pay. 

(1) Indian Rupee per every 27 meals that i consume, if your lucky….

Also almost no love and/or affection will be given.

Dishes that you must know how to cook:

Tandrooi chicken (Real nigga shit)


Samosas (from scratch and with meat stuffed in, preferably kfc or popeyes white meat)

Cholay Pattora with roti

And that fucking flat bread shit with potatoes inside like used as filling omg i love that with plain yogurt yum!

Benefits for you:

You get to date a tall young black man with a future (Going to college although I’m not sure what I want to do yet, just tell your parents I’m studying engineering or something smart)

You get to piss of your parents

Your entire family will disown you (you have way to many uncles anyway)

I’m accepting applications immediately!

Resume must include:

Level of racism in your family scale 1 to 10 (anything under 5 I can deal with)

How many people live in your household? (Please select one)

(15-35) (35-75) (population of a small town) (Little Bombay)

Also amount of brothers (Anything over 5 and I cant do it, I cant fight 5 curry niggas at once)

Level on the caste system (Brahmin Preferred) 

Hope to hear from you girls soon cause I’m fucking hungry


I listen to a lot of music, and in the days when I wasn’t so busy I created a list of the best songs of my favorite artists… This can been seen as a list for anyone who wants to start listening to alternative rock but don’t know where exactly to start or whats good. I will be updating this list when I have a chance check back weekly for updates…

This list is far from being complete btw 

This is going to be a complete list next week I’ll make a smaller top 5 song list for each artist along with their best album…



Pyramid Song

You And Whose Army?

Fake Plastic Trees

(Nice Dream)

My Iron Lung

Black Star

Sail to the Moon

There There


A Wolf at the Door


Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

House Of Cards

In Limbo

Motion Picture Soundtrack

Paranoid Android

Kid A

Everything In Its Right Place

Exit Music (For A Film)


No Surprises

Let Down

Thinking About You

Anyone Can Play Guitar


Blow Out

Talk Show Host


Sigur Rós

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 8




Ba Ba




This is Hardcore



Help the Aged

I Love Life


Do You Remember The First Time?

You’re Not Blind (Demo)

 Your Sister’s Clothes





Something Changed

I Want You



Coffee & TV

Mellow Song

Optigan 1


You’re so Great

Chinese Bombs


The Universal

Charmless Man

Dan Abnormal

There’s No Other Way

For Tomorrow


Star Shaped

Blue Jeans

Colin Zeal

Oily Water

Sunday Sunday

Villa Rosie

End Of A Century

Trouble In The Message Center

Magic America



Out of Time

Good Song

Sweet Song

Built To Spill

The Plan

Center Of The Universe

Carry The Zero


Randy Described Eternity


Israel’s Song

The Source


Three Years Ago Today


Joy Ride

The Smashing Pumpkins


Ava Adore



Cherub Rock


To Forgive

The Imploding Voice

Tales of a Scorched Earth

Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Tonight, Tonight

The Boy



Whir [#][Outtake]


Try, Try, Try

Heavy Metal Machine

Slow Down

This Time

Medellia Of The Gray Sky

Meladori Magpie


The Crying Tree Of Mercury

With Every Light

Age of Innocence

Slow Down


Cupid de Locke


In the Arms of Sleep


We Only Come Out at Night


Lily (My One and Only)

 By Starlight

Farewell and Goodnight

Sweet Sweet


I Am One

Rotten Apples

Jupiter’s Lament

Mouths Of Babes

Tonight Reprise


The Tale of Dusty & Pistol Pete



Trigger Cut / Wounded-Kite at :17


Silence Kit

Gold Soundz

Shady Lane


Transport Is Arranged


Lorettas Scars

Harness Your Hopes

Elevate Me Later

Range Life


Coolin’ By Sound

Nail Clinic

Strings of Nashville

In The Mouth A Desert


…And Carrot Rope


Ann Don’t Cry

You Are A Light

Jarvis Cocker

Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time

Black Magic

Heavy Weather

Fat Children







Chica Me Tipo

Date Rape

Smoke Two Joints

What I Got

Wrong Way

Same In The End

April 29, 1992 (Miami)




The Libertines


Can’t Stand Me Now

Death on the Stairs

Time for Heroes

Up the Bracket

Last Post on the Bugle




Live Forever


Married With Children

Don’t Look Back In Anger

She’s Electric

Champagne Supernova




The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

Hash Pipe

 Pardon Me

My Best Friend

Take Control

Burndt Jamb

Space Rock


Fall Together


Love Explosion

Tired of Sex

No Other One

Across The Sea

El Scorcho

No One Else

 In The Garage




Is it possible for an african american man to have some koolaid?

I might be the most annoying man in canada…